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F316 FAQs

F316 prepares the next generation of professionals for the new world of work. The service exists to bridge the gap between people seeking jobs and employers who need great people. F316 also helps businesses and government agencies instill a culture of best practices through bespoke interventions.

As a job seeker, F316 will give you access to top job openings available in your area, so that you can find your dream job. F316 will also offer you tips, advice and guidance on how to improve your career.

As an employer, F316 puts you in a position to attract the right talent and select the best brains from a crowded pool of candidates. The service will help with instant approval and rejection mails to applications without having to go through the hassle of composing and sending individual rejection/ approval messages to applicants.

F316 also provides a more structured platform to draw your applicants to instead of spamming your personal/ official email addresses with multitudes of CVs difficult to sort through. What this does is that it helps improve your employer brand and gives your organisation a better image in the job market.

F316 will help select candidates who fit perfectly with your human resource needs, picking from a pool of talents on F316 Community database as well as a network of partners. F316 will also help promote your company via various digital channels, targeting specific audiences so as to attract the right minds willing to work for you.

The JOBS section of the website is daily updated with verified job openings from several top companies, with full details of the qualifications required. You can apply immediately after signing up to F316 Community.

You can send an email to [email protected] or call +234 809 448 8662 for further enquiries.

You can simply register to be a member of the community for access to information on job openings around you, as well as regular job alerts, tips and tools to improve your career.

You can get regular updates on open jobs in your area by submitting your email here

Once you submit an application, your details are automatically submitted to an employer who reviews and notifies you of the success of your application. However, if you wish to opt out of the F316 Community, you can always unsubscribe from the mailing list or cancel your subscription.

Yes, you can share job openings with your friends and family using the social sharing options at the left hand side of every job advertised on F316.

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F316 Limited is a consulting services outfit, providing specialist HR advice and services to job seekers and employers in organizations of all sizes and across all sectors.